Dearest Krogers

Dear Dearest Krogers,

When Thriftway was in North College Hill and you were a ways away my folks shopped at Thriftway but then Kroger’s Move to Town and my family decided to Groce with Krogers. I was just in a community forum pointing out my concept that with a University Degree I should be able to do something for a Grocery Chain and my landlord with my intelligence and University Background that I would have to do something once and it would set me with food and shelter for the rest of my life.

I put it in terms of that’s my favorite song. The song that’s comprised of a melody of doing a MAJOR work for a food supplier and a MAJOR work for a landlord.

I sat here for 45 minutes going over ideas that I could pitch to you that would only need to be done once. I thought of a kiosk that signed people up for Kroger’s Talent Agency, I thought of an RC CAR track in the parking lot like something out of the 1980’s an entire bring it back concept, and I thought of a virtual diet consultant that operated by scanning UPC labels and guiding someone into a healthy caloric outfit. I didn’t think these idea would cut it like i’m NOT pitching these ideas.

I thought of something I could pitch though that would be something I could do once and would set me for life I’d think it’d end up being cheaper for both of us. I thought of a E BOOK STORE that would couple with your website. I could pick up the trade of software engineering and get to working on an E Book store for Kroger’s. It’s basically pure profit. A digital e book store would be similar to but it would be krogers and Barnes and Nobles has one too but yours would be yours and it’s really a matter of adding a link to your navigation and then it takes you to KROGER’s BOOKS and they’re all kinds of books that you can then sell forever at a split finance level with the authors. Like it took me 45 minutes to come up with a single thing i could do for you that would warrant a food license for me that would sustain me forever. I came up with an E Book store like Kindle and Barnes and Nobles and I throw in because i run i would be someone that would be producing writing for it presenting you with books you can sell that are professionally done.

i did a 45 minute long staring contest with a wall to come up with SOMETHING ANYTHING I can do for you once that would allow me to be set in Cincinnati in terms of food. E BOOKS and you’re already involved in it just something extra that’s literally just extra profits on top of your profits.

My idea for my land lord was to set up and maintain a PHPBB that his residents would participate in and i would moderate the discussion and we would be really cool neighbors across his entire fleet of properties that we WOULD have someone to talk to and kick it with casually. And because I installed it an maintained it i would get a rent free existence because i did that and moderate it.

I forgot my favorite song that’s all and then i sang it to you.

So this is my pitch, E BOOKS. And some other decent ideas but nothing that’s just extra profits for doing a thing.

This was an elevator pitch, if someone that processes corporate data could have a look at this.



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