Slide Into This

Dear Citizens,

I’ll pitch this next week I’ll call but this is the pre formatted email.

I just wrote an internet op ed

And i had this thought,

COULD I call you and schedule a meeting just a general purpose meeting? If I just scheduled meetings with people? Just general meetings could I slide myself into this city?

I think of a lot of shit that keeps getting more and more simple but could I clean my apartment up spotless and just schedule meetings with people like once a week?

That’s even easier than anything I ever thought of and it slides me into the city.
I’ll at least try to schedule a meeting.

I did write that’s what University prepared me for opening an office and holding meetings.
I’ll try to hold a meeting I’m pretty good at a meeting.
I might suck at life but I’m decent at a meeting. Like I got all the formal shit in life down. I just don’t know what to do with an open 24/7 schedule. That’s what I’ve been working out how to handle since 2012 and it’s not actually obvious what to do with an open 24/7 schedule like it’s not OBVIOUS.


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