Dear Brad Wenstrup

Okay I just had a small language breakthrough on Facebook. It was stated that a Texas Governor loosened gun laws after a mass shooting and I commented how just the opposite should have happened and guns laws should make it HARDER to do damage to society with guns. I came up with this if when you buy a gun there is a LIMIT to how much ammo you can have like 6 bullets is the most bullets you can have in your possession at any one time.

If there was a thing where if you wanted more bullets you had to fill out a form detailing what you did with the previous bullets and what you want to do with the next purchase of bullets.

If people that need bullets or more bullets are just treated like suspects like that’s the penalty for owning a gun you get treated like a suspect.

I don’t know … if there were limits on the amount of bullets someone can have. That’s still within the Constitutional Framework, it never said anything about Ammo restriction yea or ney in the Constitution.

A small break through.

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