I experienced a form of the worst of it. I was hospitalized some 40 times in 20 years with a mental illness that every time I swore to holy demons I didn’t have but was hospitalized anyways. In the last 3 years I have dedicated every ounce of my being to take mental health medications as prescribed and I’m noticing the actual me might be problematic for the medicated me. I am currently living on less energy than my body is capable of producing. I notice little things like I don’t have much energy for keeping my apartment sparkly clean like I spend about 15 minutes every day cleaning and not 45. I’m always like a day away from a spotless apartment. I figure that’s like a typical bachelor mentality and I am a bachelor. It doesn’t run in my mind that bachelor’s are the most focused on tidiness of their apartment. I’m slightly untidy but I did scrub my stove the other day and now it looks pretty neat. I’m making do.

I’m watching C Span and am aware I’m in some kind of graduate school metamorphosis of my brain that is taking place about 8 years after graduating from University. My reading material is a main stream magazine feed on facebook. It’s time for a presidential election and C Span is putting the spot light on each candidate in succession it would seem.

There was one thing that stuck out when YOO was speaking about the University and how it’s misappropriating funding. The University of Cincinnati typically graduates classes of 50,000 a year and that’s equivalent of roughly a small city paying tuition every semester. Twice a year the University get’s an influx of cash to pay for student education and it might not entirely KNOW what to do with that much money. I know a major business plan of mine is to rent store front property and install about $15,000 worth of text books in a room and rent the University Quality text books out and produce a small nice looking business for my hometown. That’s most of what a University is. I have a couple years left to plan as I completely want to understand that I have this whole hospital thing behind me. Like it’s been 3 years since I was last in hospital and I want to make it 5 years before I take on any major project. I’m just on my website planning and writing.

I’m starting to notice I’m having short term memory issues I never remember having before. I think my short term memory is suffering. Like I’ll have an idea in my head that I want to type on and I sit down and it just disappears from my head. That’s annoying. Slightly not being able to identify certain vocabulary. I think i’m over the hill at 38. I think this shit is starting to break down.

I think a school is one of the more basic things. It’s a person standing there that’s an adult speaking to a child about the world and things in the world. A University Classroom is comprised of the most intelligent people from high school in one place in the presence of a master scholar soaking up wisdom and maybe learning the details of life. I don’t think University needs much money AND I don’t think it should be billed as job training. I think University is just something people do to augment their life. The University produces things like medical doctors and architects things that require studies to achieve mastery of but mostly University is a place that presents you with topics to study and then on top of that it just asks that you study. I’d say University is that it’s a place where you learn to study.

I’m with my one idea that is so fucking easy to do is what I love about it. I’m going to rent out text books and that looks like a nice business in North College Hill, just outside of Cincinnati. I think that a University is a thing that has the most scholarly people standing there in the professional leagues of rhetoric teaching students how to speak at a higher level and to be more precise in their language.

What am I getting at? A university tuition increase and be nullified and you could install a system where the student takes on FAR less debt than a University would have student take on and Universities can shrink in terms of administration and grow in terms of student enrollment and so long as you have students studying by the block of 50,000 a year you can run a University on that.

A poor University might not be a bad thing. I’m sort of putting one together as evidence that I am a capable planning officer that would staff a planning office in North College Hill. I can take it upon myself to plan the future of North College Hill single handedly as a case study in my abilities to plan a future for a project or a group of people or for a project.

I think my education prepared me for a planning office. I need to acquire books on planning. I might even put together a planning library in my store front and proctor a major endeavor in planning that like I can enroll NCH into a planning school buy buying the books for the study and renting them out.

It’s just one idea. I just know a University Quality School requires ME and BOOKS and a ROOM but I’m not used to getting $1,000,000,000 or something a year in school tuitions that I then have to figure out what to do with.

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