Community Service

I’m just kicking it with white house staff like i have and all i really need to do now is open an office i was thinking like there was the one day that i would open a RELIGION OFFICE just a local office where people could come in to discuss religion. Like religion as I understand it like that word RELIGION is like the ancient word for WHITE COLLAR BUSINESS like I’m a white collar worker i’m not a subway employee or a cashier, like i’d rather have my time to myself and starve than make a sandwich for someone fuck you need someone to make a sandwich for you anyways. not you but the general audience you.

i don’t know what the future holds for me but i know it’s my decision to do it.

i have been apparently doing well on medication and i think to myself if i can go like 10 more years without a hospitalization i can run for the 2nd district of ohio on a platform of business forward where i approach business in the 2nd district and point out to them that they have businesses to run and i have a job that i am outlining for myself that would be to bring business to business as a state representative.

i can’t just do that though i have to put together a community service project and make some use of this time that i have and i would point that i think i can talk about community service in terms of editing leads in the news on facebook, reddit, and twitter, like i put in community service on disability participating in the internet. like this email right here is community service. i’m not IGNORING the computer and the internet at large with my vast educational experience that i am offering up as recompense for a time spent and i might still be going through it but a time spent being treated as a mental health patient.

my life is confusing and the internet didn’t make it easier as a career author that at 22 was taking on a post doctoral reading schedule on top of an entire full schedule plus at university.

i participate in the internet so there.

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