Eugenics THOT

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  • Nicholas Lawson i’m in a privileged position but isn’t eugenics when you euthanize a baby with no arms , has down syndrome , or has something like a siamese twin and you just sort of early on terminate their life to prevent parents from having to take care of such a biological atrocity? it’s not something I PERSONALLY have to worry about but I am with the majority of healthy adults that i don’t that at least sort of makes sense to me like in an 18th Century Colonial American Way without eugenics it’s like we are so cosmopolitan we are in favor of ALL FORMS OF LIFE and that’s like also being vegan like and pro life and against animal abuse and there is a life experience in engaging in eugenics that leads to a higher quality life for everyone but you had to kill someone to get that life or there’s being against eugenics and being vegan and against abuse of life and like the goodest guy is in favor of NO EUGENICS but i don’t actually know it seems like a uniquely personal decision i personally would if i knew my partner was having a child with down syndrome i’d be interested in eugenics for it it’s a thought that crosses my mind but the greatest good is life for all life forms i just don’t think i’m that civilized and i think i can fit into this society not being as civilized as is possible because most of you seem like you don’t give a fuck i write i write a lot i go over my ideas and i’m fairly certain not too many people see what i see but i do see various levels of intelligence and that far left of the bell’s curve the kid that’s born with no arms or that is born blind or deaf i’m like CAN’T we euthanize those kids like speaking for the fit and healthy majority can’t we thin the herd? or we going to be perfect and stand for the rights of all life in the form of every living thing standing for the rights of every living thing like if the murder rate was zero i could imagine being totally in favor of there being no eugenics at all but we’re a fairly barbaric society so let’s embrace our barbarism and perfect ourselves and stay barbaric

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