Growing the Federal Government

Mister President,

For your reinstatement as President of the United States of America I would think your most pressing issue would have to be growing the federal government. The federal government needs to grow in a direction of internet usage as it’s next major exploration of space. The human mind and what the human mind is capable of would seem to be a space that the federal government can move into. You have SPACE FORCE which is an initiative to explore the layer of matter between objects which IS worth exploring but I would also challenge you to energize an initiative to explore the human mind in a qualitative fashion where you would employ 25,000 people to explore the internet and be a source of knowledge of the internet as a whole people trained in psychological analysis of the human person would be on the internet in an ever growing field of energizing this internet with intelligent eyes.

It just seems that growing the federal government in a direction seemingly with intelligence manifested in a space that was made available by the market the market experienced a space it could grow into and then it did and now you have the data necessary to psychoanalyze a population

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