Lack of Anonymous

OH! You know how computer science well I think computer programming actually is supposed to solve problems relating to repetitive tasks and simplifying them. I think the federal government could sell a card swipe for computers like a SQUARE insert and like where I am entering all my data of my person into this site if I could just swipe a state ID and i’m cleared for every website i go to like if my computer KNEW let’s say who i was because I scanned in my state ID to the computer.

I am actually in favor of a sincere LACK of anonymity on the computer. I think PRECISE identification on the internet is a bonus. I think people should be held accountable for their actions and thoughts just by letting the entire world know precisely where someone is located.

I think let’s say INCOGNITO mode on google chrome is not a good idea i don’t think people should be allowed to surf the internet in secret. That’s not good. There’s no GOOD reason to use INCOGNITO mode on a browser.

If it got to the point where without this federally issued card scanner you can’t use the internet.

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