Maxes out at Goon

Mister President,

This is SORT OF FUNNY to me but I think you can go about your campaign making astonishing promises like we’re going to mine on the moon in 8 years or we’re going to install battery charging strips on the entire interstate highway or we are going to find a way to make ocean water potable to drink and farm with or we are going to mandate strict percentage based rental arrangements based on income so that everyone gets housing easily which is sort of a city issue but okay so another major promise you could make would be to develop a core content management system that rivals none on a government server that the population can utilize to discuss life as an american like something outrageous you could promise would be the development of a mayoral council in the form of a content management system that would permit mayors to catalog their discourse with other mayors. I don’t know. Be nice if there was a website I could visit that would present me with data I could use to consider myself informed with. Based on my data input quality i think I max out at goon.

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