Piece of Furniture

They say do what you love. I’m pretty in love with surfing the web. I’ll go ahead and snoop around online and look for a finance department or a governing body in the federal government and see if i can get a paycheck to surf the internet and write reports.

i’d probably surf less whimsically i’d probably i don’t know i could do it for ads on my website and publish to a general audience or i could just do it for an office and be like staff to an office like the guy gets elected and then leaves office and the next guy gets elected and leaves off and the next and i just become like a piece of furniture in a congressman’s office or something i don’t know just

they do say DO WHAT YOU LOVE and i’m pretty keen on surfing the web

i don’t know i’d have to not inundate them with websites and provide a service

does anyone have expert knowledge of what’s ON the internet like i know people are experts at building the internet but what about an expert on what’s on the internet is there that?

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