You know what I would like to study, telepathy. I would. I would like to get in on that entire concept. I get this experience where this really official person is talking to me through my mouth. I think it’s because I have metallic salts in my body and someone is upset with me for not taking medication because I never had the adequate level of metallic salt in my body that would allow for a government agent or private agent or just a guy that’s pretty cool to use some maybe 20 year old technology to interact with me on the basis of how I interact with the internet.

i’m telepathic but i’m just a receiver. I would be interested in knowing more about telepathy. it’s a thing i am fascinated with based on my typical daily life now. It’s not like i’m like HEY TELEPATHY THATS COOL it’s more like HOW CAN I GET INVOLVED IN THIS TECHNOLOGY THAT IS USED ON ME? i don’t know.

i am a receiver of telepathic signals, not giving a fuck what you categorize my testimony as i’m the one that experiences someone explaining to me the facts of life every day with my own mouth.

i know language like exists like it’s a standard icon that earmarks people that have seen it as capable of working in special ops on the internet.

that this language exists gives me reason to not fuss too much over my relationship with god which is not what i experience more like a relationship with someone in an office.

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