like i never once tripped on facebook or google or tesla or apple or microsoft or amazon because i knew at like 24 that they got their large cash reserves from asking for it like if you want to make $30,000 a year you should get a job but if you want to make $3,000,000 in a year you should probably write a letter to someone … i have that top most link set up for a small corporation like thing some kind of octopus that has multiple arms presenting itself with cash to survive by bringing it in to the central point.

it’s like i know mark zuckerberg especially did nothing TOO special to get his fortune like it’s not like it was a magic trick he presented his business plan it was a profitable plan but he needed to get some work done and needed more people and he got the cash

like i’m always critiquing their final product and because of that when i step into that arena i actually need to in line with my critiques do something that is actually more beautiful in every way …

i critique facebook like it’s the work of a college drop out and google like it’s a college project and tesla like it’s some kind of willy wonka story

so i have my take on the entire multi billion Initial Public Offering concept at the link above

i just need the SCORE counselor to inform me IN CINCINNATI who do I talk to about venture capital? it’s like i need to do more PLANNING to explain to people how and why i need people that want jobs … like if i can present someone with a 40 hour a week work schedule that every two weeks pays for their salary and puts capital in my pocket over and above their salary … i need that situation employees making their paycheck every two weeks and making an amount above that i put back into the business or put into business savings …

i remember when BILLIONAIRE was a buzzword shortly before RACIST was a buzz word …

i just

i just know MAGIC isn’t involved in business it’s self explanatory

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