Dear New York Times …

Nicholas Lawson Okay I’ll put it here I have successfully LOST 10 pounds and am just below 230 on my scale i was just at 240 a couple weeks ago … i started cooking skinless chicken breast with spices and i had some boiled eggs for lunch and all i know is i’m losing weight when i finally lose all the weight and weigh 200 pounds i’m going to go to the bar … i’m not attractive enough to go the bar … but at 200 i would be and my hair is long and my beard is out … i’m thinking my diet plan is working and it took me a second to get my diet plan together like 2 months and now i’m losing weight because i put my oven to work and not just pizza
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  • Nicholas Lawson i do need to get out more though like i was just talking to his dude about buying some weed and i was stuttering like so much is happening in my life from my perspective i couldn’t give the entire issue i just had to sum it up with university problems and he was like what’s a university problem and i was like fucking hard ones anyways so you sell weed you say? and i was all awkward in the conversation like sitting in a chair alone i doubt there is anyone more powerful than me anywhere but when i go to talk to someone you would never know i had a power center in my life
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  • Nicholas Lawson 4 months ago my ass cheeks were welted and i didn’t know why then i figured it was my chair i sit on cushions now and i got that solved i noticed i gained 30 pounds so then i spent two months working on a diet that is allowing me to lose weight and get down to 200 pounds and the last thing i need to do is quit smoking cigarettes and that’s the hard one i can’t actually imagine a life without smoking but i’m working on it
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  • Nicholas Lawson not entirely certain how to do it but i wouldn’t mind writing for ACCESS HOLLYWOOD or EXTRA on television , i just got off my high horse and was like yes yes i would like a writing position with ACCESS HOLLYWOOD
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  • Nicholas Lawson i have thin arms and a big toso right now i want to lose 30 more pounds which is pretty much all midsection weight so that my arms look proportional to my body
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