You Can Bribe Them

i’ll point out that you probably COULD get 95% of the wealth of the upper 4% IF and I mean IF here if you set them for life, if you had families that have the wealth explain to the federal government what they NEED you could swap a government black card for 95% of the upper 4%’s wealth but it would take an act of family planning and you could do it Elizabeth Warren currently has no contact page so my pro bono campaign consulting FOR elizabeth warren … it’s my standard line … rot in hell if you NEVER like NEVER read me and i put in this much effort … … but if through federal family planning was traded for 95% of the top 4%’s wealth and if you set them for life like produced for them each 3 homes anywhere 40 cars and like delivery groceries for life something like that

you can bribe a billionaire out something outlandish for $2 Trillion in ascribed revenue to the USA Treasury … and start using USA the proper way put in the A for effort like it’s A for effort USA … but you could bribe a billionaire with an exotic set for life and turn a profit

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