Because I Loved You by Nicholas Lawson

Because I loved you I had to let you go it was the frothy most whitest color snow because you consumed me I knew just the move to do we were like family the clue is clearly blue and the I’m a daisy and the world is for the dirt we’re building starlight and everyone is getting hurt and the source of Socrates is something that we find I was looking for Malibu but I had to buy some weed by the pound and I got high enough all of my problems seemed small and the world was revolving around a station that was created by a south paw and this was poetry the thing that you needed to see I was like heaven sent and you were still staring at me and we were annihilating the world that we knew how to find and because you loved me there was your name on the shrine I was like heaven sent and you were hard to find we were just red necks in a world that had gone and turned brown the salvation of the cicadas was coming this time a year around and you might not know me or know what I  think these days but the world is still coming and I am it’s imperial maze climbing through my logic you’ll custom corners and detail and the put a pinstripe down the back of my middle finger and stretched it up to my wrist I was the tron cycle inventor that never knew the love of a kiss and the world was surrounded by all the nothings it didn’t know and I was sitting here with nothing but my poverty in tow I had a computer and some access to the net and the world was changing faster than I could feel when I get some respect the kind of respect I’m used to the kind of respect I was given I was an a student and the most popular kid in school they said I was the most outgoing and I followed the golden rule which was do unto others as you would have them do unto you and then I thought to myself that is the fluid of war that you would punch the throat of a shadow expecting them to punch you back and sometimes these words look scary and I have no use for a claw the white claw the alcohol the reason to give up on it all I am a convert to all things sobriety and I’ll probably smoke that last out of purp and the smirk I have on the side of my face is the reason we’ll do this one more time and who knows what the color of the shine will be as we rehearse the sequence of our lives and some of us are just fans of the thought of being real and I don’t know why did you think this would matter and could you be something that I take happenstance with and cold cock a bud light and drink a coors for me we’re cool in this bar so let’s just drink here.

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