Dear Massachusetts Institute of Technology

hey i’m sorry … i wrote you because you were someone i randomly picked but i accidentally sent the email to you before it was finished.
Hey, I’m nicholas. I was just curious to know how to discern the value of this concept like should i just write a book on it or should i learn mathematics and try to prove this myself since it’s in my head? I live in Cincinnati and am super excited by this thought I had yesterday and decided to write a physics department.

I have an english literature degree and a background in technical work and i thought of the SPACE FORCE donald trump was talking about and i was like okay … so here’s the thing ..; i was sitting reading about space force when i was reminded of an ancient conversation i had back in like 1999 and it was the moment a woman named MANDY stated firmly it made sense to her that if you had a time machine on earth and you stepped into it and went back in time you would end up floating in space because we are always moving.

Because we are always moving if you tried to time travel in your direct location you would be going back in time to that location and there is no planet there or if you go into the future from your position on the planet nothing will be there as well.

So time travel on earth is not possible because the earth is in constant motion.
Last night I was like alright i know that now that mandy said something so i thought okay then it makes sense if that is true that you can travel through space and time travel is a matter of going where you want to be in time and getting in a rocket and traveling to the location you want to be in time. Like for lack of a better way of putting it if you could affix a door to a location in space voodoo mathematics explains it but i currently have a tangible narrative about how someone can travel to a point in space that has been discussed with an X,Y,Z coordinate that presents space with a navigation system and if you travel to a location you can travel to that time period the last time earth was there or you can travel to the future and land on earth when it’s at that position in the world of time travel.
I don’t know I know Space Force was recently discussed and that’s like a BRAND to me and anything I can do to discuss my plans for SPACE FORCE like I think of space as that which is not matter and if it is matter it’s not space like I would love to pour over journals that have to do with space and if Donald Trump’s SPACE FORCE was this idyllic thing that did just that explored space like if it was a think tank and a research concept and it may have a militaristic purpose as well but space force to me is about mastering space and like trying to achieve astonishing results studying space that thing that’s between things.
so yeah …
i’m terribly sorry i feel like i had a physics question so i wrote the physics department. i mostly view this as an office this thing i am standing on.
it’s what i do and i think i am pretty good at it.
nicholas lawson
ps i’m the victim of a 10 year academic career that typically surrounded itself with 202 studies for the most part like i am not erudite enough or comprised of much more than half truths but i don’t know can you discern what I am trying to say here and could you grade it please? I would be willing to mail you $25 if you would read this email and grade it.

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