Let’s Be Nice …

oh you you want to talk about things that look sad … alright well i just went over your website again and okay well i didn’t see anything that looks sad to strengthen my pot calling the kettle black argument …. i just remember when wired was sad i have seen some awful writing on wired but it looks like you cleared that up but my initial instinct when i saw that headline was think RETORT but like what’s up with that and our capacity to survive as a people on this planet why was my first instinct to incite a micro war with you why is that why isn’t the internet filled with love? even if we are animals why would we be animals that hate each other so hard

in other words why ain’t i writing shit like this every day like thinking of compliments? like you’re right that does look sad that photograph … people should learn to appreciate the break room , hey i hope you get to eat somewhere nice this afternoon, and by the looks of things sir you look like you are moving up in the company in regards to the man eating in the photograph ..

like why are we filled with hatred? that’s no way to ensure life liberty and the pursuit of happiness

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