where does this stand with the feminist agenda? and i’m a little frightened because I actually don’t know what it’s like to live with a woman. Almost 40 years old BASICALLY 40 years old and no woman in my life to speak of. I’m like a product of the education system like some kind of celibate cleric and i quit having sex at the age of 25 and started staying in every night because the most beautiful woman in Cincinnati is retarded or evil i fucked around and made love to her while she was having her period and next thing i knew my dick was on fire a UTI and i had a penicillin shot but that was the last time i had sex it’s like i shut off or something it was the day i realized oh you can die the worst death from sex that i think my libido curled up in a ball and was like NOPE NOPE WE DONE. Literally didn’t know making love with a woman on her period was an option.

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