well it’s like i’m fairly certain every generation loves the music they grew up with more than any other brand of music but i just have a question when did kids get ak 47’s , glocks , pistols and the such and they’re aiming them right at the camera like i know there was a flood of a new genre known as gangster music that i studied and realized a side effect is eternal fear like if someone grows up with guns in his music video he’ll or she’ll be afraid every night of their life … like it’s music like this that to me and from my perspective that after my study of gangster music i’m not a fan of it i don’t like music that i get scared watching because a music video like a thing that exists in real life like that’s dense real life cinema not like a hollywood film that is entirely fiction to me and i know hollywood did something known as the human centipede and SAW so i don’t think i can say much but i’m a little sensitive lately living on my own and apparently i don’t know like Pink Floyd was at least trying to beautiful and talking about this is like talking about race there is no right answer i just don’t like this track and they’re a far cry from Aaron Neville

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