Rolling in the Deep

Nicholas Lawson you know like a single pill costs LESS than a penny? a pile to manufacture the way they do it in mass production is that a pill costs i’m estimating here but it’s something like .0004 cents and that’s because they’re cranking them out so fast and they are creating so many of them that the manufacturing cost is at the .0004 level and the sales prospects are that you sell a pill for like $2.00 so you’re making roughly $2.00 for each pill sale and then when you get a prescription that’s wholesale but the same concept applies and it’s like some kind of financial demon EXTREMELY ripe for abuse … because that profit margin is probably the fattest of any product in the USA the MARGINS of pill manufacturing are probably the thickest … and i’m on mental health medications and i think i’m addicted to them because when i go off medications yes i get a little wild but that’s only because my brain was just medicated NOT to get excited and then when i come off the medications like i am so naturally high energy that i overdose on myself since i’m not used to it but i’m a mental health patient and a case manager gets paid because of me, a psychiatrist, a mental health hospital, a pharmacist and myself … i just think it’s like a litmus test for where someone is at in life like …it’s not a bad test if you are contemplating IS the pharmaceutical engine evil or is the pharmaceutical engine good … and then there’s needing to know the answer … but waters run deep when it comes to things like unregulated chemicals … like i trusted my weed dealer more than my psychiatrist and that’s a fucked up way to live is all i know … like that GNC that general nutrition center i think it’s called a lot of that can be anything like … i did though i trusted my weed dealer more than my psychiatrist and i hope no one else is like that

wow … that is well the cohesion of how that was laid down is like there are three parts to it and i just keep segueing into something else but the bottom line is that pharmaceuticals i don’t know what else would have fatter margins … and if you don’t have to deal with oversight that’s a fat ass stock pile of cash you can make … like if i put applesauce in a pill i could sell applesauce pills but like that would be like i don’t know if i could live with myself doing that but like i don’t know thought experiment who do you think makes more money than Eli Lilly?

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