The Longest Conversation

Nicholas Lawson what’s up with that screwing the poor concept? why why would someone that’s rich automatically fuck up the poor like the rich were in their 20’s and early 30’s before too like that’s a poor time in someone’s life for the most part financially and intellectually … whats to gain my screwing people over?

Jessie James Nicholas Lawson it unfortunately is human nature and relative. Screwing the poor is so easy to do after all. Pay them less…after all they are intellectually inferior. Secondly give them the over riding sense of their poverty…..make them feel beholdent and humbled…..thirdly…..simply ignore them….stay away from them…unless it shines a light on your own charitable doings and spirit ofcourse 😅 Fourthly… people fuck us over just with their supeior yet nonchalant attitude towards poverty….kinda…..get out there and make it and stop feeling so sorry for yourself kinda thing. It is so ingrained insidious and it is called class snobbery dear Nicholas. Sweeping statements are half the problem on line. Theres all exceptions to rules thank the gods… there are decent kind folk across the world…..and its these folk that i put my faith in x

Nicholas Lawson Jessie James alright i’ve been on social media now for about 6 years and that is the longest response i ever received like but that doesn’t explain why the poor should get fucked over like the quote unquote rich like me for instance i am intentionally working every day to develop so i’m going to get a lot of money is it fair to someone that just isn’t interested in doing for money? like what is the real problem with the homeless or the unwanted ones … they just want to do nothing like as much as i want to do something and work on my website and upload my books and make my sales i will do what it takes to make money … like not being interested in the superstructure of finance shouldn’t be a reason to fuck someone over … like that’s what i think i don’t think people should become fucking pariah’s just because in their heart of hearts they don’t give two shits about doing anything like what am i saying … there are people that have no interest in making money and that needs to be taken into account that’s what i think like the city runs on cash and that’s about it so make certain the homeless have cash problem solved the homeless in Cincinnati look like out of work factory workers they’re not impotent



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