Computer SCIENCE!

QUESTION? why is that everytime I go on facebook I feel like writing some scathing work like this


oh so oh so okay he puts his stank on shit that’s that’s what he does he puts his stank on shit …. now i understand him completely


THEORY: my theory is that i lived the kind of life that was unlike someone else’s so they are jealous and use something i thought of one time it’s actually the people that are my age that are in charge of the satellites that I would want to send the subpoena to if i was guessing

but I come over to the WHITE HOUSE website and I discover that’s not how i feel at all.

like computer science to me would be studying the effects each websites has on me. I know my PC has a powerful magnetic field and i know i have metal in my mouth so it’s strikes me that your website has some kind of mind altering mechanism to it some kind of thought destroyer and facebook has this ability to turn every second i am typing into an exercise in satire

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