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i’m in art and i heard donald trump wants to destroy like 52 cultural centerpieces in the middle east and because of his age he might not care about eternal warfare but it would just a be a human tragedy if he did that and i’d think the way they took down the World Trade by some people from the middle east and we have have secured our space in the middle east but if you take out some historical works of art in the name of military warfare that would be like burning down the Library of Alexandria which benefits no one there is no benefit to taking down a cultural landmark it would be like if Korea took down the Statue of Liberty and Saudi Arabia took out MOMA … it’s just i don’t know maybe donald trump as he is advanced in age is thinking of thing my generation has to deal with like hes’ stirring it up knowing that the kids need problems to solve or there is no peace that’s not a good idea like someone that thinks war is a better idea than peace lookin, just nothing, taking out cultural works of note is a fucked up thing to do like we can only figure out what the year is by paying attention to whats here and what came before and deleting history could decrease our ability to figure out what year this is

just sayn

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