I had the pleasure about 2 years ago, I just remembered and thought I would do this and write you, but I had the chance to play with an over inflated basketball and my high school basketball skills did phenomenal work with an over inflated basketball recently at 39 like i was dribbling out cadences to popular songs. Just an over inflated ball it’s tight and in terms of dribbling it’s just a joy to work with that equipment.

And I ACTUALLY thought to write you because I think it would be cool if there was a best at dribbling award given at some MVP game or something, but, if there was just someone that like broke a couple ankles or did some SUCCESSFUL and 1 shit.

Side bar:

AND 1 was mystifying to me when I was a kid.

oh and yeah … check out maybe we could partner up and set up a formal typing contest and an event would be within the explicit rules of what is or is not allowed if there was a contest that tested to see who could arrive at 26 pages of writing first like a writing marathon … i did it once, took me 4 hours to type 26 pages

but i gotta go but … 1 513 500 0857

maybe a contest to see who can type out the alphabet the fastest or just open up some creativity to this

and a rough cut

i’m a former subpar athlete that always had a job that got a degree and i am now employing myself and the future looks bright

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