I had a thought. It’s vaguely stable. I just watched 3 commercials and have no way of knowing how to get that information. To fix the problem of not knowing what you just saw on a commercial if there was a printer associated with the television and the remote had a print button and then during a commercial you would get the copy from that spot and the television relayed back to back to base? how many times and for what the print button was pressed … anyways i’m riffing here about a printer that comes with a television to print out television related things. Like if your television had a cash register receipt spool of paper to handle this not like a fat ass 8 x 10 printer but a 3in by 30ft spool of paper.

Thought of you,

Sir. You are in television. I just got a printer though probably why I thought of this. Instinctual marketing of a product.

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