Keeping It Clean

It just clicked the other day. Most of living in an apartment is cleaning the apartment. I quit smoking weed again and I noticed I do a hell of a lot more maintenance on my apartment when I’m nowhere near high on weed. I have techniques. I like take care of fires really. Like my living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, like i just keep rotating from room to room. I have a drawing table with a fat ass sketchpad that I am using as a day calendar just , something I thought of , it’s pretty easy to do, i’m mostly using it to keep track of my daily diet and my daily meds and it’s helping keep my schedules like my meal a day and my meds twice a day and i’m keeping track of that and i’m finding that that’s not entirely easy to do like i’m slightly doing better with my diet and today was the day that i drank some tap water and realized it tasted just as good as tea or coffee and so i’m just like maybe i’ll switch to water from coffee and tea and drink milk and water and it’s like MILK AND WATER that’s not a bad phrase and i’m going in a downhill motion like skiing or something like i keep getting used to doing something and then thinking of something more intelligent to do and then do that and then i think of someone more intelligent to do like writing a television station was the right thing to do and then writing city council and then writing television the mayor and city council was the idea and then the mayor city council the television station a specific council member and a local council member AND a state representative , governor, and president like my email address is in some places. i was deep on twitter too and i just really fucking put myself out there and then apparently not entirely certain what the process is but my ma wouldn’t think much of it she’s just shrug it off or cut my cable but i notice T REX is something that’s a thing now and i coined the phrase T REX wondering if someone is doing a fundraiser for me?

maybe i don’t know … maybe i did that many consultations that i get a fundraiser.

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