Nicholas Lawson i’ve had this thought a couple time so like you top of the ladder type people that go to war with other top of the ladder type people make it really uncomfortable for someone like me that has i would think no reason to be upset with my doppelgangers in saudi arabia, kuwait, iraq and iran like for the couple dozen people that live to explore the internet in each arabian nation YOUR generation is in power and the people you are at war with might have people in their thirties that have no problem with anyone else in their 30’s world wide … just saying … the ramifications for your actions won’t affect you … it will only effect us

Nicholas Lawson i’m working on writing having the right insight but like i wonder if i need a microscope or a telescope or a set of binoculars fuck it i need all three of those things when i’m well i’m right at that age where traditionally the thought that was someone’s life’s work manifests like i might be at my peak or slightly past because i’m not as crisp as i used to be and in the last month i lost the ability to flash a paragraph on screen and just have to edit a misspelling now i’m like writing paragraphs just lately that require surgery to edit

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