Father of the Bride …

i ran into a post of facebook that involved slow debilitating death

Nicholas Lawson that’s why calico labs needs to be brought front and center like on the basis of … what did you say? … https://www.calicolabs.com/ like this initiative by google right here needs to be front and center again like …what did you say? … i only imagine immortality because of calico .. like do we need mummification techniques …. will there ever be a medical technique that … nothing but i’m pragmatic enough to think that it’s at least on me to figure out how to live forever and it’s on every person no matter ability to try to figure out how to live forever and we have to cure cancer like and then there’s rejuvenating skin and nothing i only have these thoughts because of calico labs like i’ll probably write them a letter but there is this one thing that i’m thinking of every day like what did google say about death? is that like a thing where like the private industry is working on something the government laboratory has had finished 60 years ago …. like what leads to healthier people i know it’s a kind of thing where we either do or don’t achieve it but it’s a thing that’s on us now that we’re here

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