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I have which houses my higher than average quality writing. I have a wide open side bar and I’m offering advertising at $1 a day. My traffic footprint is roughly 50 visitors a day or something like 2500 visitors a year the last two years … I notice that my visitors explore roughly 3 pages each which would not disrupt your advertising footprint on the site. I have bought Fiverr talent before I needed a testimonial reviewing my website a couple years ago.

So yeah, would you like to tap into my growing market share at $1 a day. I finally have my site design finished and this is what I am doing now on top of keeping the PRACTICE portal on the site involved with the WordPress Reader pool active.

I can be reached at 1 513 500 0857

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and I’m one of the more advanced web designers in the city in terms of quality of content as I have been told by a friend of mine that designs sites.

So yes.

would you be interested in a $1 a day advertising package?



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