Dear General Electric …

I’m Nicholas Lawson B.A. from the University of Cincinnati. I have a really confusing story. Something really confusing just happened to me. I need assistance in finding a a placement in Cincinnati, Ohio somewhere in the field of technical art. To be honest for the last year or year and a half I have had a habit of being communicated with through my left molar that has a metal filling. I live in a technologically forward society and have to my name as a piece of technologically forward artifact. I don’t live in 1800 AD I live in 2020 AD and astonishing things are possible at just the turn of a knob. I think my family is interesting enough that one of it’s members namely me with my metal filling and metallic salt medication would be a suitable receiver for advanced corporate technology that would draw an interest in communicating with me technologically and then seeing the effects on the internet. I live in that world where that is possible.

I”m 39 years old and come from a powerful academic family where you need a university degree to function as part of its society. I’m more normal than the rest of my family I just have a confusing story. I”m sorry to bring this to your doorstep. This sad confusing story but I am in need of a career path in the field of digital fine art.

I think I am a competent office worker and could work in the field of writing, copywriting, copyediting, editing, grant writing, research, literary analysis, public speaking, photo editing, 3d animation, video editing, audio recording technician I can do that. I just well on MLK2020 I had an encounter with powerful technology and now I am afraid. I encountered powerful technology the next day as well. MY mother thinks I am not taking my medication properly and I think it could have happened because i take my medication. I live alone in my own apartment. The powerful technology had to do with with physiological manifestations of what would have appeared to be a ghost like figure I was searched and raped by an otherworldly experience.

This is a lot to take to a door step but it might not be if you live in the same world I do. It might be just another day. I don’t have the language necessary to communicate what i experienced but I am fully aware that my memory is being affected in terms of there is a distinct correlation between my internet use and it’s affect on my brain in a non documented fashion. I am talking about NON DOCUMENTED affect.

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