Nicholas Lawson he is working to PROTECT our way of life and our way of life has to become a little shiitter so that he can afford to protect it there’s a calculus curve that explains it
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  • Nicholas Lawson well yes against that other invading army that’s out there
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  • Mark Murphy Nicholas Lawson insanity at its finest (Trump, that is…)
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  • Nicholas Lawson Devin Neufeld lets say you have 500,000 mexicans crossing the border every year and they’re in the city and they bring with them an astute lack of cosmopolitan ethos now you have to devote residential real estate to 500,000 people a year that are bringing their culture with them and they never left home so they brought their shitty mexican culture with them that they brought with them here to avoid now we have to rip apart a family so that their child has a decent education and that’s a tax on us
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  • Nicholas Lawson Mark Murphy naw it sort of makes sense like it makes sense it might not be a good idea but it IS an idea that makes sense
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  • Devin Neufeld Nicholas Lawson How exactly is our way of life in danger?

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