It’s sort of like the ONLY dream someone k – 12 has like college is the first dream a student has and every child in the USA is required by law to receive a High School Degree and elementary and high school is specifically geared towards training people to attend college. the dream of the k through 12 student is to go to college you ingrain that in us and then we get hit with debt that has to be paid off somehow … which quite frankly is a business model where the university is currently dependent on students taking out loans to survive which is a dubious practice where you breed students to be college students and then rake in money off the achievement of the dream …

so yeah …

a cheap work around would be if the USA had at least one school in every state that was tuition free like not all the schools need to be tuition free but like the state school in the state capital should be debt free education students subjected to the K through 12 system need at least one option in every state where there is no tuition and a good quality education ….

if the state school was debt free there might be some students that don’t mind going in debt

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