letter to the white house

there used to be shit to do like i used to have to go to the mall every couple weeks to stock up on some CD’s buy some magazines and cop a couple books buy a shirt and some pants or something

now that’s all in this box

which is entirely convenient and i notice you’re big on jobs i have SSDI so I had enough of a cushion to recover from a righteous past filled and fraught with all kinds of nuances and then there were the 3 years i was required to make less than $16,001 dollars in a year so that $150,000 in student loans would be forgiven and i did that and then i was homeless for 2 years and i just got set up last year with my new place and i’m up for looking for work in editing, video editing, copy editing, grant writing, copy writing, advertising, something like that something in that general arena of work and i have a decent resume’

i might be weak on my nuances in office behavior and i notice i have trouble staying awake from 9 to 5 so i have to adjust my schedule like my weakness is currently STAYING AWAKE

i have nickspoems.com and amazon.com/author/nicholaslawsonhealthy so i have a small business i could contact a SCORE counselor for but i’m looking to enter the work force but for now i’m like part of the population that’s online doing something every day like and i work on my book and my blog and i’m currently trying to interest an agent in my blog and literature and writing got all confusing because of the internet because it used to be you had a ream of paper and a typewriter and all you COULD do was send it off to a literary agent and that was it that was the finite thing a writer could do now i have social media and blogging and comments and email and kdp.com and lulu.com and magcloud.com and it’s up in the air like i’m being read what else is there but then there’s getting paid to write and having a book on a bookstore shelf and that’s like the ultimate goal but that seems weak compared to passing out flyers promoting a website and making sales

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