Death of a Grandmother

Well I wrote you (WCPO) about doing a story about my grandmother who is 96 years old but I wanted to let you know my grandmother has passed as of this morning. She fell two days ago and broke four ribs and just couldn’t make it any longer. She spent her last days at her daughter’s home being taken care of. She leaved behind a massive family and just today there was roughly 15 people at my folks place in NCH just being together and she got to meet several of her great grand children. She was taken care of by my mother for the last 30 years after her husband died and she never did drive a car her entire life and she never owned one. Her late husband used to drive and at one point she had home in fort meyers florida and cincinnati ohio and now her son david reigle keeps the tradition alive in light of the fact that he has a house he built in North Carolina and he has a home in Fort Meyers florida. I can’t express enough how much my grandmother meant to me but to be honest I said goodbye to her roughly 6 months ago leading up to the death of my grandmother was on my part distance i never did spend every waking day with my grandmother in a way she died in my world several months before she died to the entire world i felt like at some point i was just because her hearing was gone i just like it was just last month that all i could do was wave at my grandmother and it was all i could do to communicate with her. 4 weeks ago I genuflected before her and paid my last respects to her while she was still alive. I feel nothing at the moment but i wonder if i’ll get hit with a wave of emotion soon.

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