2d love

Nicholas Lawson i barely give an F about porn as it is … the only reason i’ve seen as much of it as i have is because of how convenient it is to procure and i don’t need it and lately have hated myself for even watching it i know i don’t need to see cartoons and i don’t know jenna powell i think her name is a republican in the ohio house and she penned an outside the law edict that condemns pornography and i was like hey that’s stepping on my freedom and i did that for 3 emails and then for 10 more emails i extolled the virtues of ending pornography in the state of ohio on the basis that it’s just not healthy to watch i’m more against pornography than for it but i self censor so this probably isn’t a majority opinion but i did see a design study that i mean you can go hyper realistic but i saw a rectangle moving in and out of a circle that turned me on so i know it’s just the motion that does it and the audio for the most part

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