I said something about setting medical practitioners to lower the cost of health care but the way i addressed the concept i didn’t take into account that the expensive part of medicine is like R and D and Surgery and Preventative Medical Practices and CDC work … and I didn’t address the needs of their workplace which is where all the actual cost is and i was thinking today on my way to a funeral that an acute case of socialism i think it would be socialism would be if the federal government had a manufacturing branch of itself that specialized in medical equipment if you’re talking obamacare all inclusive medical acts … let the government produce the medical products and add a tax and keep it simple and just be i think socialist whatever government owns the manufacturing is but like it’s not like it would be government candy you’re producing it’s government medical equipment and you can control costs more with that i’d think … like if you’re setting medical practitioners and selling rock bottom prices on medical equipment … everyone could probably afford that …

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