Girl Soccer

Facebook comments in regards to …

Nicholas Lawson maybe they should cut a television deal like they could also contact a professional marketer to make some money like women’s soccer needs marketed who wants to watch it and how do you get the people that want to watch it access to it … like you could do something like split into two teams and just keep the same people playing against each other every game and that would increase revenue and pay for the players and it would still be interesting to watch like how many people would watch that USA team play itself? it’s funny though that people would say not you when you’re the only other option as opposed to men like lately it hit me that for all that men are about men about women are standing right there

Nicholas Lawson you know what else might work if you broadcast one of your practice sessions every week that’d be hot to watch

that was why i wrote you in your interest it struck me that if you did something unique you would stand out and putting on a performance at soccer practice might be something you could work with and be different and interesting at the same time

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