Nicholas Lawson i’m getting ready to i got a printer for Christmas from my folks and i’m going to make some letterhead and write some consultation letters and see if i get a better response with a letter than with email … i have to make the letterhead and figure out what my pitch is but i was going to start sending letters … it’s that well i’m on disability so i don’t have to move fast to accomplish anything and i’m thinking i’ll get a book in the hands of a literary agent 1980’s style by mailing them an entire chapter for starters and then if interested send the rest of the book … or i’ll write letters to my suburban city council right up the street and pitch ideas for north college hill and then show up at council meetings as the man that sent the letters … email is an exercise in futility i just keep using it to build up the topic i can talk about but i also know if high profile people personally answered every email it would get overwhelming like just the thought of responding to every inquiry on the internet seems radical and impossible to accomplish … standing out might still work and that’s my first letter i have to send … nickspoems.com

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