mental illness

Nicholas Lawson i’m on disability for a mental illness i’ve been to the mental health ward some 40 times and I make $8000 a year and $2400 in food stamps a year so i’m on $10,000 roughly a year and i’m wealthy because of how much time i have to myself to study and live and write and is a result of this … when you’ve got groceries, can eat a restaurant once or twice a week, telecom, and an apartment it’s like i went the other way to become wealthy like the back door way and like i’m sort of embarrassed and half way looking for a job but with my university degree i earned while on disability and my loans got paid and all i noticed was that at some point my education made me wealthy the ten years i spent working to become a man while going through academic training …doesn’t matter who you are but for the most part you’re not as wealthy as me because i have the education to know what to do with the brick of time i have to do something with every week … my schedule makes me wealthy but the down side if the basic human fear that my folks will experience mortality i’m living alone and there are a lot of negative things that can be said about my life experience but well society in cincinnati decided there was something wrong with me so now i get this and they get to keep treating mental illness

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