All Apologies

I’m reviewing my social media and I can’t help but be extremely sorry. I was high for years and I’m finally sober in the real world and all I can think to do is apologize to everyone. I’m patterned to just GO on the computer and just leave comments in a myriad of places and act like i’m networking when i’m really just accosting people older than me. I’d levy apologies for my Twitter account but I’m locked out of the account. I’m sober I think now from Marijuana but doing drugs and writing like i wasn’t smoking weed and playing the guitar or writing songs in a notebook I was high on marijuana with a tool to the entire world. Drugs and the internet DO NOT go together I made myself look like a real ass for years and I’m trying to do a good job writing emails. I have fully embraced sobriety and I just need to stay on a solid course that involves no drugs or alcohol for years. I”m just afraid all the time lately that I did something horrible and don’t realize what it was online because I was tweeting black out drunk or because I was high as a kite. I’m afraid of turning my computer off so I keep my computer on. but I wonder some days if because of how I treated twitter and how I tweeted the music industry and role played like i was someone I’m just paranoid right now. My grandmother just died and I have no friends other than my computer. Like I treat my computer like my best friend because I just don’t have any. I don’t like myself but life is pretty precious.



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