debate much

Nicholas Lawson if it’s like $50 Trillion dollars to lay out universal health care that’s like carte blanche as a number like at the $50 Trillion dollar mark you can approach that like the government is going to produce and manufacture medical equipment and anyone with a registered medical degree is going to get free housing and board and transportation and they will be given blank checks at work to decide what they need from the government … i am of the understanding that SOCIALISM is a maligned thing in the USA and I understand it to be an ology that involves the government controlling production of a product and if that product was medical equipment i don’t see what the problem would be but if a tax base supported the manufacture of medical tools and the doctors charged less for the same service because we created a system where they could charge less in that medical personnel COMPENSATION is the most expensive part of medicine so lower costs to all time lows to the point where again registered medical degrees are entered into something akin to a club or a fraternity and sorority system and you approached medicine from the perspective that the level of nice we are to the medical community would determine our level of being able to afford healthcare

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