money made of money

Nicholas Lawson like they mentioned escrow in the bitcoin white paper is a bit coin valuable because 200 people have to pay in to give the bitcoin value and then you take 200 payments to a 3rd party and now you have something that symbolizes money in that you can trade parts of a bitcoin back for cash and sell out … like is bitcoin i mean is it money made of money?

Anibal Ambertin Nicholas Lawson no. Bitcoin is more a multi level marketing Enron where people that can tolerate high volatility and uncertainty can make some money until govs catch up. Then crashes because inflationary control is built into the system for a reason and that’s the government ability to redistribute wealth through gov contracts, social plans and taxes.

When in doubt, analyze the bitcoin distribution and then tell me about the current global system inequality rates.

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Nicholas Lawson Anibal Ambertin i don’t know what that means okay um okay i know who bernie madoff is i heard about in the news just it seems like a ponzi scheme like there’s nothing new and the intense complexity if your statement just there leads me to believe it’s a ponzi scheme which is not a bad thing it’s just that well historically it seems like you’re giving someone actual real noteworthy valuable cash for bitcoin the new money that only bitcoiners value in the cult … but okay it’s a finance product but you’re trading LEGIT TRADITIONAL ACTUAL money for bitcoin in exchange for the chance to get MORE money that you might miss out on if you don’t act now
Anibal Ambertin If you think shit is complicated now because rich get richer because of they’re ability to invest and lend money for further developments, run a basic deflationary model on any software you have at hand and tell me who comes out benefited the most. A deflationary system disencourages consumption and as such investment… And as such innovation, opportunity and equality in terms of opportunity.


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