a thought


Nicholas Lawson that someone has a choice in whether they are racist or not it’s sort of like homosexuality … like you can wish you weren’t all you want but if you are you are and i wasn’t 6 years ago but then some assault with a deadly weapon from some people happened and my life was threatened 3 times and i experienced hatred i don’t just hate african americans i became old enough to experience hatred in general and i have it down that african american felons are people i’m not going to spend time with at any time and it was at one point like he was like i’m a felon and i was like nice i’m a poet and their goals are and were different …and i didn’t start living on my own util i was like 32 in 2012 up to now and i had to learn lessons people that moved out of the house at 18 had to learn in their early 20’s … and i suppress it often on facebook and it doesn’t come up in real life … and i wouldn’t recommend racism i need like a salvation of jesus moment to see the light and become a new man that knows we are all equal as people … i ended up being like oh that’s what a felon is

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