assume up

something legit supernatural happened to me on MLK2020 it was a hallmark day in the cerebral area of my life. The next day I had pressure in my chest and checked myself into the hospital. They said everything was fine. I asked to be taken to the mental health ward because something was seriously wrong. They couldn’t come up with anything but the one social worker asked my folks if i had ever been tested if i was on the autism spectrum or not. She was a social worker making an observation and I struck her as autistic. That’s new. I typically have someone talking to me about what I post online with my own mouth. It just got paranormal supernatural on top of the usual supernatural paranormal I experience that I assume has to do with my metal tooth. The brain is more mysterious at 39 than it was all previous years of my life or someone has an antenna of some kind that they aim my way or the electromagnetic field from my smart phone or something or it was a ghost which okay i doubt it’s a ghost and i assume up in terms of how advanced USA technology is like it wouldn’t surprise me if you had that technology i don’t assume down like it’s clearly the supernatural and the USA is incapable of it. Someone did something with something.

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