prince harry

Nicholas Lawson he should probably go back to england like they could do that … he would be like jesus if he did like he left town for a woman and then came back home as the prodigal son who after a honeymoon period of 3 days they beat him senseless back in england and then things worked out for him and his nation applauded him … like i know he’s going to vancouver with an amazing wife and i’m in cincinnati … most likely a lot of people in vancouver are going be aware of him and they could have fraternity and sorority problems in vancouver or not i don’t know i’d be paranoid to death if i was him i’m paranoid to death every night in this cheap housing i live in the hood and because i have a degree and on top of that like i can’t talk about facebook with my neighbors they’re neanderthals that passed on education for a lifetime and he is really civilized and i don’t know bottom line maybe he should go back to england

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