Nicholas Lawson hmm …  i had this thought what if school took place on the 2nd floor … if someone had to take more time to get to where the students and teachers are because right now you walk in the front door BOW you’re in the school and it’s all doing it’s school but if you had to go to a 2nd floor like someone random walking up the stairs could be inspected?
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  • Nicholas Lawson like if it was a little bit harder to get into a school that might give more time for defense
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  • Tee Addison Nicholas Lawson and if the police and fire department were on the first floor and school above, not sarcastic, completely serious
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  • Nicholas Lawson Tee Addison that’s building like if there was a police department on every school property like if they just opened up offices on school grounds
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  • Nicholas Lawson if there was a fire department too like the fire department and the police station are typically in nebulous random locations it seems but if they coupled up with the school board that the fire department is near the school to protect against fire and the police is near the school on retainer for the most part
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