copy and paste issues

Dear Chris,

I was doing some brainstorming last night while I was writing and I had the thought that maybe students are clearly in too much danger because they are quite easy to get to in terms of logistics. I was chatting with someone on facebook and we thought about how if schools could operate on the 2nd floor of a building basically the thought was how difficult can a city make it to get to it’s students while they’re in school to the benefit of their safety.

I did some meditating and some exploratory writing and thought to myself if Cincinnati Students went to school downtown beyond just SCPA if there was a skyscraper dedicated to keeping students in safe places and downtown would naturally have to be safer for the students but anyways … similar to Antonelli

long story short .. if there was a police station at every school and if every school had a fire station at every school and the students were on the 2nd floor of the new buildings that would need to be built that would make the students safer if they were just hard to get to.

that’s the level of problem solving that is needed for several major problems they report on in the news regularly.

if there were skyscrapers built to house students and keep them safe we have room for more skyscrapers and if they were schools the students would i would i imagine be guaranteed to be safe

currently school students are in no position to defend themselves they are currently

sitting ducks every day just like everyone else that gets together in groups …

i don’t know …

it was brainstorming …

it’s like harvesting produce brainstorming


nicholas lawson

ps – core political language from this email … the most powerful part of the brainstorming … STUDENTS ARE SITTING DUCKS … that language generates movement to me

so if students are sitting ducks then what? i don’t know i’m poor this is like paying tribute this email … i’m getting used to sobriety much better life than being on drugs and i didn’t know that for 20 years because for 20 years i didn’t know it takes about 3 months to recover from smoking weed all the way and i just didn’t know that

but sobriety is nice and i’m 39 thankfully with a degree evidence i did something … is getting there

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