democratic women

Nicholas Lawson a long time ago and i don’t know if that’s true anymore but the white house is supposed to be the place the most powerful man in the united states of america lives … that’s what i heard this one time but like social justice being what it is for a while now the political science arm of american politcs has been toying with different configurations than is a stereotypical formation of white men in various positions among their people mostly and the SCIENCE part of political science wants to conduct experiments with chairs that were invented by european men and the civil rights movement and the women’s rights movement created a situation where a tradition was set and enough people thought it looked easy enough to do that in pursuit of every 1st there will ever be went on a pilgrimage in political science to put every demographic in every chair and now donald trump is president and the first female president that’s also not a WASP would be an act of political science but to answer your question why some people do this thing where they brush you off maybe because you keep talking about this F’n 2 cent tax on the rich like you talk 2 CENTS but it’s like two cents on every dollar a billionaire has and you keep focusing on like the wealth of these people that just vex you these innocent seven or eight people that have more cash in the bank than god you just well that’s what you always talk about is how it’s just two cents and it’s not going to affect anyone in your audience and in fact it will pay for miracles for your constituents .which is awkward to listen to just someone that keeps haranguing this entire 2 cent concept and like that’s like grand larceny committed by USA you literally how it’s the top 1/10 of 1% and its like you have a list of who they are like you are scouting around looking for wealth so you can do some Democratic work? i doubt i doubt an actual democrat would be talking about the top 1/10th of 1% of the population

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