letter to wlwt

Hi, I’m nick. I’m probably the man with the worst reputation in the city. I don’t know why it all happened like it did over the years. I have a website at https://nickspoems.com it’s a novel solution to how i can take advantage of my facebook writing. In the last 3 months I’ve been averaging about 6 hours a day on facebook. When i write a gem I copy and past it over to nickspoems.com I am slowly building an audience.

i had a hallmark day yesterday they brought up school shootings again and i thought to myself if the students were on the 2nd floor of a building and there was security down below like professional security on the ground floor it could become impossible to get to the students. my basic premise for my thought experiments on keeping safe is “make it difficult to get to students” that seems like a reasonable solution to a major problem.

I figured a quick and dirty solution to school safety would be something like have the schools in the area bus the kids downtown and produce school in the 5/3rd bank building, the US Bank building, and the Huntington Bank building. That would be the most drastic solution I can think of is just commute the students downtown.

It’s a solution. I’m pretty happy with it.Kind of idea a shark could attack and find everything wrong with.

I used to be happy and cheerful naturally but at 39 i’m sort of just morose all the time. I live alone in an apartment and am mostly afraid most of the time because of how much news I watch. I am informed and frightened. Staying behind a locked door on disability and tooling around online is my current life. I’m working on my next life which would be when there is advertising on nickspoems.com and I have a revenue stream in the form of advertising. That’s my next life.

I assume bans are bans for life but I write enough letters to WCPO, Brad Wenstrup, whitehouse.gov, cincinnati city council, chris seelbach, and my brother that i’m like the legit boy who cried wolf. you can write enough emails that you stop getting read. like one email brings with it some excitement but after you sent your 50th email to a cohort it just gets ignored. like a or rather one of the flaws of the internet is that if everyone took full advantage of it we’d all be overwhelmed with writing to read. the internet is balanced on the fact that it’s not popular enough to be treated like it’s as important an advance as it is and it’s ubiquitous to cover the costs of using it.

basically if we all took the internet as seriously as all of us are capable of it would defeat the purpose of an internet.

or something …

like if everyone used the internet like i do everyone would have too much to read.

the author and the internet …

that’s not a bad title for a book .. i do need to get to writing a book because social media didn’t end up as social as i thought it would and i think most of my feedback on facebook comes from algorithms so i’m almost done with social media. i have to get to the point where i can just log out and not need to log in.

my best friend lives in london though and i can only work with him on projects through facebook.

anyways i woke up this morning at like 4:30am and i saw some cheerful people on television. ya’ll look legit happy. that’s cool.

i ruined my relationship with channel 9 and several bars in Cincinnati for various reasons.

I’m currently only focused on writing and i’m probably guaranteed to achieve something with the time i’m putting in and THE AUTHOR AND THE INTERNET that’s a pretty decent writing prompt. like i tell people i get things for being as serious about writing as i can be.

anyways, here.

i’m nick.

author of


thought i’d say HI!

i’m bout 9 months from being 40.

i didn’t mention this but i’m on disability for being bipolar it’s a 20 year long story that has me tired. so I sort of drag my feet a lot because i don’t have to do anything to afford rent.

i’ve lived in cincinnati my entire life.


Nicholas Lawson B.A.

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