weight loss

i’m 6’4” currently 230 down from 245 a month ago and i’m counting calories and i have it down to a 900 calorie frozen pizza or 1000 calorie bag of chicken wings or 2 lox sandwiches with cream cheese on toasted bagel which i just assume are 600 calories each and i’m aiming for 200 lbs and then i’ll see if not 190lbs my high school weight for my 40th birthday .. i just didn’t have a gut about a year ago and then i just went down this epic long spiral of bad dietary decision making and didn’t even notice until i got a scale it creeped on so slowly but i’m like OH i have to diet and it’s working i drink a lot of tea coffee milk and water and 0 calorie flavor drinks and yeah keeping on top of a diet with a scale is fascinating i can accidently swallow spit and gain 5 pounds …

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